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Artboard 1The blood is the body’s lifeline in liquid form. How it plays a very vital role in the human life can’t be stressed enough by just few words.

Basically, we all know that it serves as a stream that carries out all the good and the bad that’s inside the body. Nutrients and vitamins are being divided and disseminated to all organs for better functioning.

Wastes on the other hand, are being converted to different forms like sweat, urine and others through different processes – again with the help of this amazing life component in liquiform.

Just like the unique mark found on every individuals’ thumb, it is being said that blood also carries a specific identity that is exclusive for each person. It is believed that the blood has unparalleled biochemical make up that separates its body from the body. With this being realized, a kind of diet was formed.

The blood type diet focuses on the four major groups of blood types. It is said that each blood group is designed in a specific way and requires definitive needs and demands. According to its developer Dr. DÁdamo, a diet plan that fits all will not be effective because each body has distinguished characteristics.

fats-and-meats-lg-1Complex as it may seem, this type of diet is made simple by basing it to the four blood groups, O, A, B and AB.

Blood O requires a high protein diet. People who belong in this blood type are said to focus more on meat. Eating lean beef, chicken, pork and fish will suffice the optimal thyroid function.

Let us not remove fruits and vegetables on the bigger picture, however avoid excessive intake of wheat, dairies, eggs, legumes, beans and grains because these are the kinds of food that are hard to digest for people who have type O blood.

Type A people are under the category of vegetarians. According to Dr DÁdamo, these people from the said blood kind have weaker immune system that is why they should focus on eating those that strengthens it.

If you belong from this group, consider staying away from meat, dairies and wheat. When it comes to losing weight, eating more of soy foods and vegetables on achieving it in a faster and more effective way.

Type B is somewhat the most blessed because people who belong in this blood group are more tolerable when it comes to immune and digestive diseases. While this is the case, type B folks should avoid chicken, peanuts, tomatoes, lentils corn and wheat. To shed off unwanted weight, these people eat more eggs, liver, licorice and tea.

Type AB have low stomach acid. With this being said, those with this kind of blood type should avoid caffeine, alcohol, milk and others that that has the capacity to bring stomach dismay.

Also, avoid much intake of red meat, buckwheat and cured/smoked meat. Losing weight can be achieved by eating seafood, greens and pineapples.

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