Prayer warriors in pink

Prayer warriors in pinkThe Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters are publicly known as The Pink Sisters. They are fondly termed as the Pink Sisters because of their rose pink-colored habit, which they wear to honor the Holy Spirit, although they can only be seen behind the iron grills of the altar.

pink-sistersThe nuns’ presence in the chapel gives the place an even more revered ambiance. It further influences visitors to bow their heads and kneel before God. If you feel like rushing and you want the nuns to help you pray, there are boxes on both sides of the chapel where you can drop a piece of paper of your prayer intentions.


Their convent was established by St. Arnold Janssen together with Mother Maria Michael and Blessed Maria Virgo on 1896 in Holland. The Adoration Chapel of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters is famous in Tagaytay because of their frequent visitors, from priests, seminarians, nuns and thousands of pilgrims and adorers of the Blessed Sacrament from all over the Philippines and even other Catholic nationalities.

The Pink Sisters Convent is located at the Holy Spirit Drive in Barangay Maitin, Tagaytay City. The Pink Sisters first came to the Philippines via the invitation of Bishop Alfredo Versoza, who is considered as the first Filipino bishop of Lipa, 10 pioneer sisters, 5 Germans and 5 Americans from Philadelphia, who arrived in Manila in 1923.

They stayed in the convent of the “Blue Sisters” (Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit), which they consider as their “sister order”, before going to their convent in Lipa, Batangas.

The humid and inconvenient weather of Batangas didn’t suit the Pink Sisters and many of them got ill. Because of this, the Pink Sisters were relocated to Baguio City which is the Summer Capital of the Philippines, currently one of the many convents of the Pink Sisters in the country.


The convent was established through the Society of Divine Word, Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters and Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters all founded by Saint Arnold Janssen.

Also, the best contribution visitors can give to the monastery is the act of purchasing their souvenir items and the must-have Pink Sister Cloister Cookies which happen to be their trademark delicacy. The cookies are personally made by the sisters and they really taste divine.

One thing to keep in mind when entering the Pink Sisters’ Convent in Tagaytay is that, it is a holy place. The sisters live a life of silence and contemplation and it is disrespectful if you are boisterous or cause disturbance.

Phones should be turned off or be on silent mode and taking of photos are also discouraged. You should also wear modest clothing.


Silence fosters prayer and allows us to contemplate deeply. The Pink Sisters Convent is a good place for prayer. Another plus is that you are praying in front of the Most Holy Eucharist.

Thus, you are praying directly to Jesus Christ when you pray inside this convent. Another reason why many people flock to Pink Sisters’ convent is that many people say that it is a miraculous place and that their personal intentions were answered after they prayed with the Pink Sisters. The Convent has daily masses and Sunday masses.

Daily masses: 6:30 AM
Daily vespers or benediction: 5:00 PM
Sunday mass: 7:30 AM. and 5:00 PM (with Vespers)
First Saturday mass: 4:15 PM

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