A different kind of exhilaration in six flags San Antonio

A different kind of exhilaration in six flags San AntonioYes, we definitely would end up happy when we get to pick the more ‘ideal’ path, but have you asked your inner kid on where he/she wanted to go? Have you ever considered a theme park as your main destination? If not, and you’re planning to, peruse this magical place where you can end up feeling like a 10-year old again after you left its gates. Get your feet moving and your stomach churning with Six Flags San Antonio.


02mapSix Flags San Antonio is a quick 15-minute ride from San Antonio Downtown. It is wedged between Interstate 10 and Loop 1604 by where you need to take Exit 555 La Cantera Parkway. The theme park’s specific address is at 17000 IH-10, San Antonio, Texas 78257.

Six Flags covers an approximate are of 200 acres of fun and excitement and is currently being one of the major entertainment parts of La Cantera, a well-planned development estate in northwest San Antonio.


Being part of San Antonio, Six Flags’ adapted climate takes on two ways — tropical and desert. Typically, when you visit Six Flags in the months of July and August, the sun would be your best friend as it shines at its zenith and let you enjoy the amusement park at best. The location where Six Flags is situated uncommonly experiences snow.

If you don’t have a strong affinity with heat and sunshine, choose the month of January as this is identified as the coldest all year long. Skim the veins of Six Flags at this month and never sweat your way to happiness and excitement, literally.


If you want to know if there is a mode of transportation inside Six Flags itself, then ask your feet to do you a huge favor in not giving up while staying there. Unlike Disneyland franchises, Six Flags don’t have their Disney buses careening inside the complex. The management deemed it inappropriate and would want to instill physical activity to their guests, thus, the absence of in-house transportation.

However, if you’re coming from Downtown San Antonio and other parts of nearby cities, you can board the VIA Metropolitan Transit bus which will drop you off in front of the theme park. Some hotels dotting Six Flags and nearby accommodations offer their own versions of servicing you in and out of the theme park at specific times and days.

What to See

Thrill Rides

04batmanrideIf you’re one of the many theme park visitors who would want to experience the thrill and excitement of riding the highest rollercoaster and death-defying mechanical engineering, then pick the thrill rides bunch to start and cap your Six Flags visit.

Choose from selected and most patronized rides such as Batman: The Ride (world’s first 4D free-fly rollercoaster), Bahama Blaster (world’s steepest waterslide which ends on a Texas-shaped pool), Boomerang (a quirky kind of rollercoaster which will not lurch your forward, but backward), Frisbee (quite self-explanatory, imagine yourself seated on a giant Frisbee and being thrown at fast and gut-wrenching speeds), Goliath (if they can give a backward rollercoaster ride, experience this inverted this time, at 50MPH).

Family Rides

05gullywasherBe in touch with the family through Six Flags’ selected family-oriented rides which includes Gully Washer, Fender Bender, Hill County Racer, White Water Rapids, Mine Shaft, Ghostblaster, Whistle Stop, White Water Canyon, and Wave Runner.

Kids Rides


Parents who want the kids to be enjoying while at par with their safety standards, don’t ever fret as Six Flags had a lot of rides made just for your kids.

Let your kid enjoy every inch of space in Six Flags with wholesome rides such as Buckarooz, Daffy’s School Bus Express, Bamboo Chutes, Kiddee Koaster, Kinderstein, Taz’s Tornado, Texas Treehouse, Up Up and Away and Zoomjets.

Dining and Shopping


07restaurantsDue to Six Flags’ humongous space, it will be such a bore if there are no restaurants or even a store present on its premises. When the day had been ultra tiring as you covered almost half of the total rides, be not afraid in regaining your energy through a course of selection for restaurants and eating chains.

There are clusters of All-American fare, vegetarian restaurants, places where you can experience Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisines. And if you want to also squeeze in some shopping on the side, options are available for souvenirs, apparel when you get splashed on their water rides, gifts for loved ones, toys and candies for the kids on your way back home and other shops that are Six Flags approved.


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