An overview to Le Parkour

An overview to Le ParkourIn simple words parkour is all about progressing through your environment naturally and efficiently. To be more precise it is the refinement of one’s body movement during the interaction with surrounding environment. Parkour practitioners who are popularly known as ‘traceuers’ climb, jump as well as vault over all obstacles in their path. Their aim is to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. During the process of movement a traceur only uses his body as a tool; he is completely devoid of any fad machinery or technical equipment. Parkour is all about combining tensile strength, coordination and flexibility in one single string thus honing the grooves in musculature and neuromuscular efficiency.

Le-Parkour2The word ‘parkour’ comes from the French phrase “parcours du combattant” the obstacle course-based method of training practiced by French military. Today while we think of parkour as a fun game or a form of recreation was actually developed as a tactical skill for soldiers. As a consequence, parkour has always something to offer both mentally and physically to the practitioners. Good parkour makes impossible actions seem quite effortless. Big barriers and hard obstacles are traversed in the blink of an eye; difficult terrains are negotiated without the hindrance of fear.

Besides a recreational sport parkour is a fun activity as well. With a combination of jumping, running, swinging and climbing parkour is a full body workout that will boost your coordination. As a traceur you can treat the whole world as your playground! With the novel maneuvering process it harnesses your inner childish mind that wants to break the barrier, run around and play again. Parkour will teach you to take challenges and with the passage of time you will discover that you can push the body beyond what you saw as its limit. This will certainly boost your confidence that will carry over into all aspects of your life.



Being a social sport parkour teaches you how to perform better as a team. It’s not competitive rather it’s very supportive and friendly thus nurturing the practice of helping each other. Parkour helps to look at your surroundings in a creative manner. Every wall, gap, barrier or fence is an opportunity to try a new move. Such creative playfulness can seep over to other areas of your life and you can give creative solutions of bigger problems.

Some basic moves in parkour include balancing, running, jumping and dropping, landing, vaulting, climbing and swinging. As these moves are integrated part of parkour you need to master all these moves to be a good parkour practitioner.

As a human being we harbor immense potential for superhuman activity. We all posses the innate ability to move with the seemingly impossible attributes that parkour develops. There is nothing magical regarding these superhuman activities. Intelligence, diligence and regular practice will bring the true realization of this potential. In essence, parkour can activate the primal switch of manliness within you to take up any challenge with a creative look thus making it seemingly effortless.

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